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The actual anniversary day was not filled with much hoopla. It was just another day in which I worked with my patients and their parents. It was perfect because I was doing something I love. All of the late nights, all of the long days, and all of the trying moments of being a small business owner are worth it when I am able to see the changes I helped a patient achieve.

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While the changes may seem small or minor to most, they are huge for patients and their families. So to celebrate my two years as a small business and private speech therapy practice owner, I will share some of the big changes I was fortunate enough to witness this week:.

Speech & Language Pathology Private Practice

All of my patients work so very hard to achieve speech and language skills most people take for granted. I incorporated age-appropriate games, literacy materials, toys and activities into my therapy sessions.

Bob Turel's Speech Evaluation Seminar for Toastmasters

In Magic of Speech Evaluation you will watch and evaluate short speeches of 15 successful speakers. You will also read an analysis of what made each speech effective and how it can be improved.

Bee Kiean :: Magic Beans – Feeding & Speech Therapy in Singapore

By the end of the book , you will have acquired the experience of applying the most effective public speaking techniques in various contexts. You will know how to improve each particular element of the speech to make it world-class from the first attempt.

2. Learn the objectives of the speaker.

In addition to gaining practical experience in Magic of Speech Evaluation you will learn public speaking techniques, used by of the best speakers in the world, that have the biggest impact on effectiveness of a speech. She was appointed as one of the surgical oncology team leader. These are highly specialised clinics conducted to treat patients with speech and swallowing difficulties after cancer treatments.

She was involved in tumour board meetings and ward rounds meetings which allowed her to participate actively in the planning of treatment intervention with the Doctors.

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  7. It also allowed her to learn and further her specialisation in dysphagia management of these patients who underwent surgical and oncology treatments.