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Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition. Selected type: Paperback. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Evaluation Copy Request an Evaluation Copy. E-Book Rental Days. This is a dummy description.

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The 6th edition presents many new ideas along with established marketing principles, exploring not only the foundations of marketing in the hospitality world but also new trends in the industry. Student View Student Companion Site. About the Author Robert D.


Hospitality Marketing : David Bowie :

Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. In keeping with current industry trends, a new chapter has been written to combine the components of the external marketing environment and sustainability practices in hospitality and tourism.

More coverage of the Internet and technology. As hospitality is a global industry, the marketing professional must be familiar with how people travel, what their travel needs are and the most effective ways to reach different market segments. Hospitality marketing and communication can be divided into the micro and macro level with differing marketing strategies targeting individual properties or corporate entities.

A marketing plan at the hotel or unit level involves such elements as a mission statement, objectives and strategies, a market analysis, a budget and advertising plan, a summary work plan by market segment, and a quarterly chronological plan. This plan focuses on the specific market segments that the individual hotel targets. For example, a downtown urban hotel might focus its marketing efforts on business or convention travelers with the occasional tourist promotion to bring in weekend transient guests.

A resort, on the other hand, would target leisure travelers with high incomes. Marketing at the corporate level takes a broader look at such elements as market share and needs identification. It will often break out occupancy details by city while analyzing trends in the overall lodging and travel markets. Branding also becomes an important issue. Customers expect a lodging property with a particular flag to be the same no matter what city they are in.

So, corporate marketing has to create programs that can be implemented in each unit at the same quality level. Part E The Marketing Plan.

Hospitality Marketing

David has over 25 years hospitality industry experience working as a hotel manager, restaurateur and marketing consultant. These MSc programmes are recognised as some of the best in the world and attract interest from students all around the world. This is an exciting challenge involving constant communication with students from over 25 different countries at anyone time. David teaches hospitality and tourism marketing on both the MSc and undergraduate programmes.

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David supervises PhD students - theses include relationship marketing in hotels; customer satisfaction in travel Taiwan ; yield management and key account client relationships UK ; the tourism demonstration effect in Pattaya, Thailand; authenticity in place branding South Africa. David has always worked in the industry.

Marketing at the Corporate Level

He managed a Best Western Hotel for 12 years, was a director of a privately owned hotel group and then worked in hotel marketing consultancy for 8 years. He has researched and written over marketing business plans in the hospitality and leisure sector and was an active member of the Hospitality Marketing Association. His main research interests include branding, Internet distribution, relationship marketing and marketing planning. His book, Hospitality Marketing co-authored with Professor Francis Buttle has been sold throughout the world.