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  1. i-mode Phones Take Their Final Bow (Plus, PayPal, Starbucks, Shell & Apple Pay)
  2. The DoCoMo Mojo

The commission fee is also considerably lower, between a half and two-thirds below that of the fees paid by site operators on WAP carriers' services.

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Meanwhile unofficial sites, where a company has put up an i-Mode presence and sorts out its own payment model, go free, with the carrier making money on the traffic generated by its subscribers. That said, he acknowledges that, if unofficial site development takes off as it has in Japan, the traffic it generates should be a significant contributor to O2's overall revenue from i-Mode.

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According to figures from DoCoMo, there are around 2, official i-Mode sites and in excess of 10, unofficial ones in Japan. Meanwhile Eurotechnology, a Japanese company dedicated to fomenting trade with and investment in Japan, says on its website that in summer there were 4, official sites and 80, unofficial. First was the manufacturer's track record.

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  • Third was the fact that NEC is the only i-Mode MIP provider that also makes phones, thus guaranteeing the availability of interoperable handsets from day one of the service's commercial operation. Handsets at launch The service launched offering two NEC phones, one a clamshell design, the Ni, and a candy bar phone, the Ni.


    i-mode Phones Take Their Final Bow (Plus, PayPal, Starbucks, Shell & Apple Pay)

    Since then O2 has launched i-Mode phones from other manufacturers, and indeed, Hayhow cites as evidence of the growing clout of the technology in the international market the fact that major players in the handset market like Nokia are now developing devices to sell into i-Mode operators.

    Paul da Silva, Sun's business development director for the UK and Ireland, said his company's selection as technology partner derived from the extent of its experience in i-Mode before it was introduced into Europe. One month in, Apple Pay on the web is in the top 5 online payments technologies. That figure comes care of SimilarTech, whose data tracks 30 billion webpages each month. According to their numbers, Apple Pay is the 5th most popular payment platform used by the top 10, websites. PayPal was 1 by a pretty large margin.

    The DoCoMo Mojo

    Of the five we looked at — PayPal is on nearly 70 percent, Amazon on 10 percent and the rest trail with sub-5 percent penetration. Another round of earnings figures out last week confirmed that Starbucks remains much, much better at mobile payments than just about anyone else.

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    According to the most recent figures out, mobile payments now account for a quarter 25 pecent of all transactions processed at Starbucks locations nationwide. As of September that figure had ticked up to 7 percent. Shell and PayPal are teaming up to eliminate having conumsers get out of their cars to pay for fuel.

    Coming soon , drivers will drive up to pumps and select the kind of gas as well as pump location using the Shell mobile app and a QR code on the pump itself. Once the payment is processed, a receipt will be sent to the phone to confirm the purchase — and to prevent people from making off with a full tank of gas at no charge. The technology was successfully trialed by both companies in , while PayPal has already established a strong mobile payments process in the United Kingdom.

    According to the latest data out of eMarketer, Related Items: Featured News , i-mode.